Where am I?

You seem to have stubled upon my humble little website I am working on to pass time.

What has Robbie been up to?

Well I have been going to driver's ed, and working a lot booth of wich in hopes that I can drive soon, and pay for some gas ;) so I haven been hanging out with my people wich I regret, and is a shame but it's all in hopes of hanging out more often, so bear with me.

I am super bored

What can i say I have been bored lateley, work has taken up what little time Driver's Ed hasn't wich saddens us here at Robbie we wish we could do stuff more often, my only free time is late at night so i do things like make websites and wish people were online so i could talk to them. but everyone goes to bed at 11:00 apearently cause my friends are the biggest baddest party animals that ever had a bed-time before the local news.

Update, Robbie is still bored

Well tonight I was talking to my Driver's Ed Peeps and they were entirely frustrating, in that they were obviously talking to eachother and when they were done decided to leave because they don't give a crapp about me.

$%*^%!*$*&%# signed off at 12:48:34 AM.<--- Emily wanted me to mention her on my web site.
@#(%$&*&!@$# signed off at 12:48:40 AM.
Not cool. You know who you are....

Ok By The Way. I got Music and Bike Pages up Kinda so you can click around. But I have to get to bed soon and i have things to do like find some good fitting jeans... you know the ones.